Assignment #8: Grant Proposal Summary

Assignment #8: Grant Proposal Summary

Group Assignment

Due: Wednesday of Week 7

(60 points)

For this assignment, students will present a grant proposal summary using the Zoom platform. Students

will use the skills from previous assignments to complete a problem statement, logic model, program

evaluation, goals/objectives and budget for the Children’s Coalition for Northeast Louisiana. For this

assignment, students should present information as if they were presenting to important community

stakeholders and funders.


Assignment Instructions:

Groups will meet and present a grant proposal summary in Zoom. The Zoom meeting will be recorded

and uploaded to the assignment link in Moodle. Resources on how to record a Zoom meeting can be

found in the Assignment tab in Moodle. You should have information on the screen to assist with

presenting information. This can be completed by the host of the group sharing their screen.


The following information should be presented:

1. State the identity of the Children’s Coalition for Northeast Louisiana

(From Assignments #1, #2)

*include the organization’s mission

*choose one FOA from Assignment #2 and give a summary of the group agreed upon FOA

*description of the target population and geographical area

*include statistics

2. Describe the proposed program or project title

(From Assignments #3, #4, #5)

* choose one EBP from Assignment #4 and give a summary of the group agreed upon EBP *discuss why the proposed program or project is important

*include a logic model

*include a short problem statement. (No more than 3 sentences)

3. What will be accomplished by this program or project during the time period of the grant

(From Assignments #6)

*be specific of the time frame

*list one goal (SMART format) and two objectives that will be accomplished by the end

of the grant

*explain how you will evaluate the program (list one instrument)

4. How much will the program or project cost during the grant time period?

(From Assignments #7)

*be specific on the amount you will be requesting from the funder (do not ask for more

than your FOA is offering)

*provide an estimated budget grid with at least one staffing position

5. Why should the organization execute the program or project?

*Strong and convincing closing


General Guidelines:

*it is crucial that you are able to summarize the important components of your projects

* it is recommended that you speak from a script.

*your video should not go over 6 minutes. I will stop grading at the 6-minute mark

*if your zoom meeting is too large to upload to Moodle assignment link, upload to

FilestoGeaux and then upload the FilestoGeaux link to the Moodle assignment link.