Final APA Manuscript (Component Two)

Final APA Manuscript (Component Two)

For the final project, we will be conducting an experiment on gender and leadership. For this second component of your final paper, you will be collecting data, writing the method section, and writing the results section for the final paper. The following steps should be followed: 1. To collect data for this assignment, you should recruit 5 participants to take part in the

experiment. In order to do this, you can distribute the link below and make sure to ask participants to provide your name at the end of the survey when prompted.

a. b. The data collection must be done in advance in order to complete the other portions

of this assignment. Therefore, you must have your participants complete the survey by end of day on April 13th.

2. In order to write the Method section, you must include the following subsections a. Participants

i. Total number of participants ii. Demographic information iii. Sampling technique iv. Compensation

b. Materials i. Describe the survey that was distributed, including survey items ii. Describe the constructs that were measured iii. You should appropriate credit Fiske et al. (2002) for the adaptation of

particular items. The title of the article is, β€œA Model of (Often Mixed) Stereotype Content: Competence and Warmth Respectively Follow From Perceived Status and Competition.”

c. Procedure i. This is a relatively short section, with only a couple sentences outlining how

the study was done, including the informed consent 3. In order to write the Results section, you must report the statistical findings from testing the

hypothesis from the data file I distribute to the class.