Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory

Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory



1. In the research conducted by Hans Eysenck, factor analysis was used to identify ________ basic personality dimensions. Of these, the tendency to distort reality was labeled:


  1. five; conscientiousness
  2. three; extraversion
  3. three; psychoticism
  4. five; neuroticism.


    2. I show you a picture of an adult figure hovering over a sleeping child. I ask you to tell me a story about what you think is happening. Which kind of projective test am I using?


  1. Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2
  2. Behavioral assessment test
  3. Rorschach test
  4. Thematic Apperception Test


    3. I’m not all that happy, but when I smile I feel better. This idea might best be expressed by the


  1. emotional similarity theory.
  2. theory of universal affect programming.
  3. facial feedback hypothesis.
  4. facial-affect program.


    4. Having been attacked and bitten by a German shepherd, Sam reacts with fear on spotting any large dog. According to recent developments in brain research the linking role of the _________ is paramount in the recall of this sort of fear-evoking stimulus.


  1. visual cortex
  2. amygdala
  3. left temporal lobe
  4. hippocampus


    5. To formulate a general definition of emotion, it will be most accurate to say that


  1. emotions are feelings that have both physiological and cognitive elements.
  2. emotions are adaptive physiological responses to feelings.
  3. an emotion is a specific reaction to a perceived change in a situation.
  4. emotion is a feeling state evoked by an expressed behavior.


    6. Which of the following statements regarding the outcomes of Mary Ainsworth’s strange situation experiments is most accurate?


  1. Only two-year-olds are capable of showing a secure attachment.
  2. Ambivalent children may both hit and embrace their mother on her return.
  3. Disorganized-disoriented behavior precedes a secure attachment.
  4. Avoidant children cry when the mother returns to the playroom.